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The septic system is one of the most important, but forgotten components of your home.  Speed Services provides routine septic pumping, solutions for locating septic tanks, rejuvenating failing leach field and making system upgrades to increase the life of your septic system.  If you are located in the Norfolk, Columbus, Neligh, Albion, Fullerton or Burwell areas you can rely on Speed Services for the best in septic and grease trap system services.

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Routine pumping of your septic tank or grease trap is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a properly performing system.  Pumping a septic tank will remove inorganic & heavy solids and oils/grease that build up over time. Most septic tanks should be pumped every 3-5 years depending on the size of the household and the size of the tank.  We recommend grease traps be on a service contract that includes line jetting and tank cleaning to reduce downtime and emergency calls.  Good routine maintenance can keep either system working trouble free for years to come.

The Speed Services team of Licensed Master Pumpers, Master Installers and Waste Haulers can evaluate and inspect your septic or grease trap system and provide the best options for maintaining, repairing or installing your systems.

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All of our plumbers and drain cleaning technicians are highly trained and experienced with even the most difficult sewer and drain problems. You also won’t be needing to clean up after us. Our team is always respectful of your property and make every effort to leave it cleaner than when they arrived.


We understand that plumbing and sewer emergencies can happen at any time. We know that when you have a sewer backup or a leak on a pipe that you don’t want to sit around waiting for someone to help. That is why we have technicians on call 24/7, so we are ready to help when you make that call.


You can count on us to provide prompt, reliable service at a fair and honest price. We have created our menu pricing structure to ensure that we have a service and price that meets your needs and budget. We’ll never claim to be the cheapest, but the training, certifications, and equipment that accompanies our team is sure to give you the best value.

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Call us at 844-DRAIN-01 when you need a plumber who will get the job done right the first time. You can rely on us for 24/7 emergency plumbing help and quality solutions that last.

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Smooth, Pleasant Experience

Smooth, Pleasant Experience

Ultimately, we aim to leave you with the results and peace of mind you desire. So it's important to us that our customers enjoy a smooth, seamless, and pleasant experience working with us.

Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

At Speed Services, we love what we do, and we aim to be the best at it. So from start to finish, you'll notice us going above and beyond to deliver only the best customer service.

Honest, Competitive Prices

Honest, Competitive Prices

It's our mission to provide our customers fast and reliable service and to do it at a competitive prices. Our customers will always receive a free estimate before we begin any project.

24/7 Service

24/7 Service

Night or day, we're only a call away. We remain available around the clock so that, when unexpected plumbing issues arise, you can rest easy knowing we'll be there when you need us.

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