Plunging the Toilet

So the toilet is plugged.  Could have been the kids, the brother in law, who knows.  You could point fingers all day long or you could be the plunging hero and save the day.  You decide to don the cape and draw your mighty weapon but do you really know how to operate such a specialized tool?

Years of daily experience has taught us a few things on the plunger.  Granted we have a little more sophisticated equipment for the common toilet clog but often the common plunger could have had success.  First is your plunger worthy of the name or is it more of a bathroom ornament?  If it’s an antique red rubber cup with cracks and puppy chew marks it’s probably not going to succeed and you better run to the store or give us a call.

The key to a good and proper plunging is water level and minimizing the splash back.  Keep the water up above the head of the plunger and it will not only work better but there won’t be near as much schmoo flying out of the bowl.  The technique to use is a little less jackhammer and more sewer massage.  Be sure to seat the cup of the plunger as close to center on the drain as possible.  You want as tight of a seal as possible.  Next, you want to create a slow push pull motion with the plunger.  You’re not trying to drive everything down or pull it all out at rocket speed.  The goal is to gently move the blockage back and forth in the trapway or pipe which will serve to break it up and let the water push it down.

Our trained technique is to slowly start pumping and continue even when the water starts going down.  Just because the water is draining doesn’t mean the blockage is 100% removed.  It might even be wise to flush again and plunge some more just to be safe and it helps clean the plunger.

Once it flushes proper a few times, be sure to disinfect the plunger before putting it away.

If you read all this instead of watching the quick video, kudos to you.

Author: jonporter


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